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Villa for Sale in Lake Atitlan

Gorgeous 7 bedroom waterfront lake Villa for sale located on the shores of Lake Atitlan in the southern town of Cerro de Oro.  Lake Atitlan has been called “The most beautiful lake in the world” by German explorer Alexander von Humboldt.  In his travel book Beyond the Mexique Bay writer and poet Aldous Huxley wrote of Atitlan “…it really is too much of a good thing.”  Renown as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Atitlan is Guatemala’s most important national and international tourist attraction.  Off the beaten path, yet in a very safe area, you too can own access to this treasure away with spectacular views of the lake, volcanoes and mountain range.  At just 75 miles away from Guatemala City, the 3 hours 5 minute drive feels like a breeze as you travel through paved highways adorned by mountainous landscapes, coffee plantations and breathtaking views of the volcanoes.

In the middle of the property lot with an approximate area of 47,292.53 square feet (4,393.62 square meters), sits the Villa, originally built in the 80’s but later upgraded in the 90’s and 2000s.  Its unique construction is of 100% volcanic stone.  All murals, walls and spaces in general are perfectly and patiently hand carved into pieces of 1 square foot, seamlessly nestled together, which adds exceptional lifetime length and strength to its solid structure.  The bedroom doors are made of Mahogany wood (called Caoba in Spanish), a most desirable and very durable wood.

On the top level, the North Wing houses an ample dining room overlooking the lake and the eastern mountain range where you can welcome the sunrise every morning over a hearty breakfast.  Next to the dining room is a small living area, and the kitchen with two stoves and two refrigerators, dishwasher and ample cabinet storage room.  

The Southern Wing houses two living rooms, a grander living area with lake views that accommodates larger parties with an independent ambience from the North Wing living area, and an adjacent smaller living area with the perfect romantic feel for reading a book over hot chocolate, or maybe playing board or video games.  

Connecting both wings are the 4 bedrooms in the middle, with 3 full bathrooms (two rooms share a bathroom), and 1 full walk-in closet than can also double for storage if needed.  Of the four bedrooms on the top level, three have lake views.  Also in front of the rooms are the pool and patio adorned with a variety of plants and colorful flowers.  The patios and terraces outside include an imbedded BBQ grill.

For those that like a more private ambiance, the Middle Level of the home offers quiet and breathtaking views in an all Glass Room perfectly made for an extra living room, a game room that can easily fit in a pool table, and bar.  This room can easily made to be the master bedroom (fifth bedroom).  Besides the Glass Room is a separate restroom (1/2 restroom) and a smaller room that has been used before to house a chauffeur or bodyguards, but can be also used as a shed.  

As you descend to the lake, you will be met by several private gardens that picturesquely adorn the property.  Right before the lake is an ample Honeymoon Suite with full restroom (fourth restroom) and impressive balcony overlooking the lake (sixth bedroom).  There is also a hot tub on the garden adjacent to it, a perfect transition after a cool swim in the lake.  Under the Honeymoon Suite, which is also built of volcanic stone, is another empty room that can easily be used as extra bedroom (a seventh bedroom), a small game room, bar, living room, or storage.  At the lake, the concrete dock holds the boat together with the two wave runners included in the sale of the home.  

If you think the front side of the home is comfortably ample, you will be surprised to find the enormous size of the back yard!  Overlooking Cerro de Oro, a mountain where the sunsets in the evenings, the plush green back-yard is dressed with beautiful plants, including fruit and lemon trees, and other colorful flowers.  All gardens are well kept.  The backyard offers plenty of growing potential if you are looking to convert the property to serve as a hotel or Airbnb.  There is ample space to build anything like new bedrooms, cabanas, an extra pool, restaurant, bar, spa, gymnasium, orchards, and more.  It also includes half a basketball court for those that like to stay active during their holidays!  

The property lines includes a guardian house on the northern side for security.  Separate to the guardian room is a bedroom for maid services.  Also in the backyard is the skiing boat, excellent for adventuring across the lake to the quaint town of Panajachel, a favorite popular tourist destination peppered with restaurants, and hotels.  The property is protected by tall walls made of volcanic stones and a strong gate at the front.  There is ample parking space in the backyard for more than a dozen vehicles.  

Price: $650,000 USD, make an offer.

Total Bedrooms:  7 (2 are empty)

Total Restrooms:  4.5 full bathrooms

Sale includes:  furnished, skiing boat, and two waverunners.

Location:  Aldea Cerro de Oro, Canton Tzanchali, Santiago Atitlan, Solola. 

Land Lease:  Currently held under the name of home owner for 30 years, renewable to 60 and so on.   According to the laws of the country of Guatemala, rivers and lakes are considered territorial reserves of the state of Guatemala.  Anyone who owns real estate in beaches, rivers, and lakes in Guatemalan territory are under OCRET (Office in Control of all Areas Under State Reserve).  The annual value of the lease is of Q2,320.43 or $315 USD per year.  

Viewing:  Sunday to Friday.  Saturday's closed.

For inquiries, please do so below at the end of this page.

Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 14"  40'  06.995"  N
Longitude: 91"  09'  58.561" W

GTM Coordinates:

1622103.41 metros Norte

428246.45 metros Este.

Villa for Sale in Lake Atitlan

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